Yuki Toy   (Yuki Toyooka Smith)

Artist, Medical Illustrator, Anatomy Artist, and Artistic Facial Expression researcher.

Hi, my name is Yuki Toy. I am a drawer based in Los Angeles, CA. As a visual artist, I use colored pencils on paper, wood, and raw canvas. I currently teach Artistic Anatomy, Basic Drawing, Design, and Painting at nursing schools and community colleges.

I write about many diverse cultures in Southern California. As an author, my stories include Neo-counter culture and art scenes in Los Angeles, and they have been featured in Huffington Post Japan and various publications. My another article series, Artistic Facial Expression Analysis, explains how the artists can utilize the psychological and facial muscular knowledge of human emotions to create portrait drawings.


MFA      California State University Los Angeles, Fine Art

BFA       State University of New York,  New Paltz, Printmaking